Khidmat (Community Service)

One of my passions is to use my writing and editing skills in service to my community.

The word for service in my community is “khidmat”, and when I can merge my love of the written and spoken word with my desire to effect positive change, I consider myself blessed and honored.

For a list of khidmat projects, please see the list below.

Muminaat Ijtima in Mumbai – I was part of a panel discussion in Mumbai, India that was aimed at the younger women of our community. The discussion was meant to engage them, dispel misconceptions, and further dialogue. Topics included education and the search for knowledge (a requirement in Islam for men and women alike), career and priorities, motherhood, and family. Cross cultural and cross generational dialogue was initiated and that dialogue will continue to spark conversations and motivate our young women.

Muminaat Ijtima in Chicago – After returning from the Mumbai ijtima, I organized a similar ijtima in Chicago. In this ijtima, we covered similar topics: education, career, the home, priorities, and what values we embody as well as pass on to our children. How do we see ourselves? What factors create our identity? What are our goals? The ijtima was a success in that it brought the panelists and the audience closer and strengthened the bonds between us. We are part of a tightly-knit community and we were reminded of just how precious and beneficial that is to our lives.

Secretary of Talebaat ul Muminaat for 7 years – During my time leading this young women’s organization, I was able to initiate several projects and programs that empowered our members and bettered our community.

Al-Mawaed Al-Saifiyah Full Report (Araz’ed to Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA)) – I was honored to write this report, which detailed the revolution of the Mawaed (kitchen) system at Al-Jamea.

eMuzakeraat – I wrote an episode for this initiative, which is an online version of Ted Talks, and specifically written for members of our community.

Chicago Jamaat Blog – I wrote summaries of the waaz/bayaan so that members of our Jamaat could further their learning about various topics. (See the blog here.)

Chicago Jamaat: Eid Exhibition, Town Hall Event, Open House PR Events – I have written press releases, brochures, summaries, and speeches for various events held by the Chicago Jamaat.

Jamea tus Saifiyah Skype lecture – I was able to interact with an auditorium full of young women who attend Al-Jamea, answering their questions and talking to them about life as a Muminaat in the U.S.

Jamea-tus-Saifiyah Science Textbook Editing – I was asked to edit a science textbook that will be implemented into the curriculum at Al-Jamea.